Making A Time Map

Making A Time Map


How do we count or represent time? That’s a really good question. If we do it internally (count with our mind, or experience time with our body) we always have some errors and gaps due to blinking and other distractions. Also, if human are serious situation, the time just seemed slow to human but in reality , time just naturally passed by. To sum up, it’s never accurate to count time. But we surely can bring the experience during that period of time.

This project need us to create a visual representation of a period of time, or even from our life. We are going to bring two maps, one represents event in mechanical linear time, and the other reflects the event based on an internal/biological time or associative logic. 


For this project : My theme is summer break

Summer is our favorite time of the year and I’m sure every students looked forward to have a wonderful time. You usually have more than 60 days, that’s the best time to plan fun trips, social and do your own stuff. But at the end of the summer, when your schools starts to send you emails and reminds you about the new school year. We (most of us) would say:


“Oh man, Summer is too short”


Because as we are used to our (lazy) summer routines, we would focus less on the time, hence never notice that time flies. This is why when we finally realize the “sweet dreams” comes to an end, we are dissatisfied and complained that ” Summer is too short!”


The first picture is How long I feel I had for my summer, which was 88 days

The circles represent the days I had

The slice represents 1 hour

Different colors represent different activities I did. (As showed on the picture)




The second Picture is How long I feel internally I had for summer, Which was 8 days

The keys are the same us the previous pictures.



From those two image we can see how different it is between mechanical time and physical time. Then we have to ask ourselves: What is time? Which one is real?



This is my Time Map Project and I hope you’ll enjoy!


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