Manifestations of Memories

Manifestations of Memories


Manifestations of Memories

The key word of my theme to this project is: significant

These are many memories in our lives, but there are only few that are significants.
There are 5 memories I want to present



When I was 5 year old I remember my family did not own a car, because they did not have the money, but I was a happy child. Everyday after kindergarten, my mom would ride her motorcycle and came pick me up. My mom would sometimes wore black leather jacket and, she had short hair. I thought my mom is the coolest  mom ever. I knew my mom love me very much. From That time, I knew, that materialistic things are nothing compare to love.


The second memory is during my 7th grade, and I was bullied by girls in school. It’s a really dark time for me. I was depressed and cried every day.



The third  memory is my first time going to USA. I tried to look chill but I was really nervous


The fourth memory is my first drawing the naked models. It’s my first time and I was not really comfortable about it but I still managed to do great on my first figure drawing class.



The fifth memory is during the trip to kyoto by myself. it’s my first time traveling and I was really enjoy the moment walking into kyoto neibourhood alone.


The reason why the memories are significant is because they are crucial to our development, physically and mentally.

To me thought memories I picked really represents some crucial turning point of my childhood and young adulthood.

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