Ring Design—An Useful Decoration

The initial intention of this ring design is to combine both medical aspect and decoration aspect  together.

Imagine a patient has heart disease, he or she needs medication attention immediately. In most cases patient will put their medication in their bags or pockets when they go out. But if you do the math, it takes about roughly 11 seconds to find the medication in your pocket and put it in the mouth, it might take longer if it’s in the bag. Imagining a patient who suddenly need medication, and times became crucial.

with this ring, you can put the pills in the decoration part of it, which is hallow inside so you can use it as a box.


If the patient does not feel well and need pills immediately. He or she can just open the mini box and get the pill from the box. Because it’s right on your figure tips,  it take less than 10 second.

The patterns on the rings are mostly chinese animal symbols: Crane and cicadas. They all symbolizes, wellness and immortality. Client can also request other design patterns on the rings. And the rings can be made out of silver and gold.





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