Bridge Moment Day 1— Are You A Kiwi Person?

I just realized recently that humans are really judgmental.  Maybe because of the free-well society that we all live in now, people cannot stop putting their opinions on others behind their back or in front of their faces. I too suffer from the same malady. Yet the only thing I distinguish myself from others is that I judge other analytically in my brain. Don’t get me wrong. I meant no harm, it’s just a mind game that I play with myself everyday.  When I sit quietly, in the classroom, cafe, library, I always find someone that I will observe (some consider that creepy and I agree). I observe that person’s clothing, manners, gesture and even language and at the end give a  guess about who he or she is and what kind of he or she is. There are mix emotions through out the observation, so I decided to write it all down. As Joan Didion said in her essay “On Keeping a Notebook”  that the reason to write it down, is to record accurate factual record of what I have been doing or thinking. I decided to give a try, to record my mixed emotions that I got from observing and analyzing people quietly.

Are you a Kiwi person? Not the Kiwi from New Zealand, but the fruit Kiwi. What? You are asking what is a Kiwi person? I will explain.

It a name that I give to the people who has an unpleasant appearance and unique personality. This kiwi guy has no evil intention. Kiwi is not the prettiest fruit, its rough and furry surface reminded me things like mice or other terrifying mini creatures. Maybe the Kiwi person just never cared about his appearance.  If you cut into his inside, you will see the grass green flesh that is emanating its  fruity scent. Now here is the tricky part. If you bit into the flesh, sometime it taste sweet and sometimes it test sour. No matter how hard you are trying to ignore the sour taste, it’s still there. Yet there are still some sweetness exists. After you swallow the fruit’s flesh, there is a ticklish feeling stick into your throat. Weird isn’t it? Kiwi persons are weird. But when you decided to step into a kiwi person’s heart, the sourness and sweetness mixture will always drives you crazy. But when you look back, the taste is actually not that bad.  You are always welcome for a second serve.  I told you in the beginning: Kiwi person is never evil. Is his peculiar personality that makes him standout amongst other fruits. You are always welcome to talk to him.

I didn’t remember what his name is, but I remembered him is really similar to a Kiwi fruit. I know, that’s really bizarre. Like John Didion said in her writing of Mrs Lou Fox Hotel Sahara :”We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget.” I guess I have to keep these memories “in tough” in my writings.




Rule one: Write something about a food item.

Rule two: It drawing must be clean.


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