Bridge Moment Day 3—When Is The Right Time To Eat That Avocado?

You bought that avocado in the super market, thinking you are going to make guacamole this weekend. In order to make sure this avocado is in the right condition when you are going to make the guacamole, you picked an avocado that’s a little bit hard, expecting that its going to be soft when you use it.

On Tuesday, you bought this avocado

On Wednesday: It’s still hard,

On Thursday: It’s starting to get mushy.

On Friday: You are going to use it for guacamole, but you friend already brought guacamole from her house and there is no need for making it. The avocado just left in the corner in your food pantry.

On Saturday: It start to have this brownish color  and way too mushy. You unwillingly put the sliced avocado on your toast. It’s avocado toast with poached egg for today’s brunch and you wish you can  have a better avocado to eat with.

(studio illustration works)

Are we all just waiting for the right time to do certain things? The right time to send the text; the right time to start your work; the right time to put money into the stock and so on. Timing is important in this society.  I love avocados, but I’m not good at finding the right time to eat them. We sometimes complains about not have the chances or do not find the right person in right time, but do we all have to have the right timing? Maybe a bad timing can cause some other unexpected consequence. At the end of the day, when a door closed, there are some other doors open. When a person who always got their timing right, he or she will get mad about a single mistakes he or she made. Where as a person who always got it wrong will taste the victory and cherish it.


When you are complaining that God did not give you enough opportunities, try to find it. There will always be something there, don’t worry.


To my surprise, that Avocado toast was delicious.

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