Bridge Moment Day 4—When Are You Going To Eat That Strawberry That’s On The Top Of The Shortcakes?

Cakes are delicious, for me, I always enjoy a simple slice of strawberry short cake. The fluffiness of cream and sponge cakes compliment the fresh and juicy strawberries. While enjoying my  feast, I always have the same question on my mind: when should I eat that strawberry on the top of the shortcake? Sometimes I get a slice that topped with a beautiful luscious strawberry. Its ruby like charm always distract me. I like that strawberry, for me, that’s the best part of the shortcake. It’s a best part that you want to save until the end.

(studio illustration works)

I always start eating the sponge cake and the cream, from the pointy part to the wider part. It is until the little amount of sponge cake can barely hold the weight of strawberry on top, I would unwillingly eat the strawberry that I treasured for so long.

But I see people eat the strawberry first, so they can enjoy the soft sponge cake later. Some people like to take a bite of strawberry and also take a bite of the sponge cake and repeat until they finish the cake. There are so many ways that you wouldn’t believe it. But it all come down to how you cherish this tiny strawberry.

When I see different treatments toward that piece of strawberry on top, I realized how different our values are as individuals. We put our focus on different parts of the matters and it almost created a weird harmony. I eat my sponge cake first, and you will eat your strawberry first.  Maybe in the future, I work hard to chase that strawberry in my dream and you will do the same for that soft sponge cake. Eating cake is only a leisure activities in the afternoon, but a tiny manifestation of point of view.

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