Bridge Moment Day 5— Why Is Putting Ketchup On Mac’n Cheese Bad?

Why is putting ketchup on Mac’n Cheese Bad? I do not get it. I think the taste of sweet ketchup compliment the savory cheesiness of the Mac’n Cheese. Why do you think a hint of tomato flavor would be a abomination to this dish( which I think taste is nothing but cheese and noodle). Tomato and cheese goes very well together. Pasta and Pizza proved it right.

(studio illustration works)

originally there are no particular ways to eat a Mac and cheese. You just need to simply enjoy the dish itself despite the way you eat it. I do not think a drop of sweet and sour will destroyed the essence of  Mac’n Cheese, but elevates the taste, from boring cheesy pasta, into something richer and more fun. Clearly, innovation is not acceptable in this case. I thought 21st century people do accept differences. Contrast to my believes, we became more and more narrow minded. They don’t even let others to put ketchup on the  Mac’n Cheese.


Recently, the well-know food magazine Bon Appetite posted a video on youtube featuring a chef from California who owns a Pho restaurant. In the video, the young chef explaining how he eat and cook his Pho. Here is a thing: he is white. Hundreds and hundreds of hate comments rush through like floods. They are mostly saying: “I don’t think he knows how to eat pho.” “He is doing it wrong, well he is white, what can I say.”  I see think world gradually moving forward where some part of it still left behind. There is nothing wrong with following your own  ways of life, but you cannot belittle other in order to manifest your ideals. Sometimes they may be the worst and the most boring things that were born into this world.

I will try different ways to eat pho next time, and I’ll also add extra ketchup on my  Mac’n Cheese.

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