Bridge Moment Day 6—What Ingredients Make Up A Burrito?

Burritos are all the same, you just smash ingredient together. It’s not even Mexican.  It’s true, when I went to chipotle, I realized I just ate the mixture of the ingredients that I ordered, especially the burrito. It’s a flour tortilla that wrap various veggies, rices, protein, and spices together that tries to taste like Mexican.  But if you shift your perspective a little: what happen if there is no rice in your burrito? I will be crazy if there is no beans and guacamole in mine.  Then you realized that all of the ingredients are what make a burrito become a burrito.  They make up an identity.

(studio illustration works)

Different experience makes character traits and character traits make people. When I was a little girl, I thought about being busy and participating in many activities are boring. I complained about not have a “cool” childhood like most of my friend, but when I looked back, a lot of things that I learnt now is what I learnt before and some even shaped my future. I remember my mother took me to a drawing class one day and told me: ” because you just watch TV during weekend, I’m going to give you some thing to do.” She present me the drawing teachers and off course I wasn’t happy. But this event changed my life, I fall in love with drawings and now I’m in an art school.  Experience really do change people’s life.

If a burrito is a person, I think the ingredients speaks of his personality. He/She is as feisty as salsa sauce; down-to-earth like the lemon rice, fresh like the veggies, comforting like the beans and so on. They all wrap in a flour tortilla. Burrito has way more flavor/ personality than grill cheese, which is also another American favorite. You can not have something out of the blue. Only the like parts make up big parts.

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