Long Life Design + Anthropocene Week 3

What’s More?

So far I do think all ten long life design criteria can assist in designing objects and products, because all of these ten criteria have already touch the factors like sales, materials, and designs. In order for a product to sale well, you need sales strategy and attracting designs. The materials and the manufacture should be considers by designers and manufacturer.

Yet I also realize that there will be one more problem emerge in the beginning. To make a good products that last long, the price of the objects will be a little bit expansive,  which means people will hesitate to buy the sustainable products and they will focus things that’s more convenient, cheap and face to make. The speed of the production and price should also be part of the criteria. The speed of society is rising everyday. Everyone tried to follow the flow, and no one wants to wait that long.  We can look for material that will not generate that much waste and still making a huge amount in short period of time. There is a lot of work needed to be done.

Also the soil for the raw materials of the products has to be reusable. In some cases, the soil for the raw material go barren and the farm could no longer grow things out of that. The raw materials for the products have to be sustainable when it’s mass produced.

Is This Item Sustainable?

items: White Rabbit Milk Candy

1. Repair: Since it’s food, it does not have any element of reparation.

2. Cost: The cost of the candy is very low.

3. Sales: Since this candy is tasty and cheap, the product is quiet popular.
4. Manufacturing: This candy is mass produced. The raw materials came from farms that restrain cows and mis treated them. There were incidence of contaminations in the past.
5. Function: To be eaten.
6. Safety: There are safety issues in the past. There were Formaldehyde contamination and  Melamine contamination happened during the Chinese milk scandal.  
7. Planned Production: Now the product are overseen carefully due to the scandals in the past.

8. User: Although there were scandals in the past, people still loves this sweet.
9. Environment: the diary and other chemicals are not eco-friendly. They do not treat their cows nicely( more than 90 percent of the chinese diary farm do treat animals humanly).

10. Design: the logo is mean to be adorable.

To sum up White rabbit candy is a mass produced confection product that cause unsustainable impact and risk for others. People still love this candy, because is tasty and the logo is cute.


The Process of Making Fibre


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