Week 5 – UN Trip

UN trip?  Which speaker did you find the most inspiring?

I really liked Lauren Redniss’s work. The reason why I prefer Redniss’s work is because I personally related to her. Different from other speaker, she does not have any environment background but simply just making images that spread ideas of love for the earth. As a regular art student who does not know anything about sustainability in the world, demonstrating ideas through works is one of most crucial starting points of being a sustainable designer. Redniss certainly does it very well.

In Thunder & Lightning, Lauren Redniss reveals to her readers through her arts and writing how weather shapes our world and daily lives. She non fictional writings telling stories like encounter of a Thai lady in Atacama, Chile, bible stories and so on.  The stories and the art reveals the layers of real danger that lay upon the earth.


2) Read the following three articles. What do you think of these approaches to repair?

At Repair Cafes, ‘Beloved but Broken’ Possessions Find New Life (Links to an external site.)

– Would you like to visit a repair cafe? Why do you think so many people are interested in repair?


I would be pleased to go to repair cafe. The reason why so many people are interested in repair is because people like to show off what they know, therefore helping others who don’t know. People who brought their beloved and broken things in to get fixed and also had a great time too.

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs (Links to an external site.)

– Would you like to see this kind of tax be possible in your home country? Do you think it is possible there or the United States? Why or why not?

I would like to see this kind of tax be in my country, but I don’t think it is possible for both China and US to have this kind of tax break. It’s hard to adjust the mentality of the citizens. Most of people are still in the mentality of “new is always the best”, the growing population simply needed more tax money to maintain. Certainly, if government tried this system, there will be a huge CO2 decrease since both countries produce the most air pollutions.


Spend the Money for the Good Boots and Wear the Forever (Links to an external site.)

– Were you surprised by this article? Do you agree with the author? Do you think an object has to be expensive to be well made? What might make people take care of objects, even if they aren’t expensive?


This is what my parents told me all alone— Better quality last you longer. I certainly benefited a lot for this advice.  I always bought shoes that last me for many years. If an object is great, people will love it no matter what, even if they aren’t expensive.  We need to form bond with our objects.


Repair Project:

From Trash To Trend





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