Final Project concept


1) What will you make and why?

I want to design a top or a dress that will use stains to be part of it’s decoration 

2)  In what ways will this object be useful to YOU over 50 years of change?

Sometimes you just through away clothes because it got stains that you could not wash off, this dress or top can fully use the stains color and create new patterns. 

3) What specific event(s) of environmental change will it help you navigate?

People won’t throw away their clothes and create farther waste. 

4) How will it be resilient (use of materials, used in more than one way etc.) and/or encourage social resiliency through its usage ?

Since you are not throwing way the clothes, it’s not going to create more waste for the environment. 

5) Is it designed for a particular place? (New York, your hometown etc.)

I think this design is suits for everyone, because people needs clothes. 



material for the design


White cloth


white soft plastics.


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