A Special Concert Hall


when i thought about sacred place, it’s a place that you rarely go to, but you should. It’s a place for appreciation, and care. Located in Yunnan, this concert hall is where local musician from different Chinese ethnic groups can come here and have a concert. Yunnan is a province in China that embodied so many different ethnic groups that people did not pay a close attention to, especially for their culture. This is a small concert hall  that’s full of rich diversity. Nowadays, the younger generation forget about the culture diversity in our country. This modern building will catch people’s eyes, but it’s a house for Local ethnic diverse musicians.





I started with polyhedron shape design for this building, but later changed to later design due to the instability of the design choices. I used foam boards mostly and I also used bristle board to fill out the gap. Initially, I wanted to use gold as decoration but later changed to white just for its minimalism aesthetics.




Final Result:


The exterior of the building resembled silk worm’s cocoon, I choose white color for its clean aesthetic. The clean white resembles modern design and the dragon and phoneix mural inside reflects its cultural background. I put windows on both side so the people who pass by would by interested to come in.




I put cardboard flakes around the building as decorations (in real life, they are going to be big wood chips) I also used solar panel as decoration element. The tubes on both side of the entrance, are water collectors. The water will be collected and restore for air conditioning. The solar panel will provide electricity light for he concert hall.






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