Circle Line Trip

Reflect on the different perspectives offered, compared to our zone walk and answer the following:

– Compared to what you saw when walking, what can you see and sense from the boat?

It’s quit dirty, as speaker said, the water is 75% water and 25% solids that are mostly human scabs and trashes. 

– What areas appear to be vulnerable to coastal flooding?

Brooklyn shores, underground transportation, battery park and south Manhattan. 

– Are any effects of Hurricane Sandy visible?

Battery parks seem are building public parks to provide buffer zones. 

– Are you able to determine which areas of the coast are built on landfill? If so, what clues made this possible?

I think the only reason why I can determine which areas are built on landfill is  because there is no marshes. 

– Do you see sea walls, reinforcements, marsh areas?

However I did not see any marsh areas, but I do know that they are trying to build u shape Seawalls in the future

– What kind of systems do you see interacting (people, water, boats, etc)?

Factory, poop waters and open parks. 

– Does New York seem prepared for the next storm?

As the lecturer said, that New York did a good job preparing for sandy, therefore there will be more preparation for the future. The sea walls will be designed as U shape to make building from flood free.



Stage one: dying cloth




ingredient : green tea, water, and cotton cloth


Stage two: Cutting of cloth


Challenge: I don”t know how to use sewing machine and I also don’t know how to sew zipper on to my clothes.

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