A Denim Dress-Bag For Painters


I love to draw, paint, and do other craft works. Staining my clothes is unavoidable. Therefore I made a top to wear when I draw but also can turn in to a bag to put in tools. There are bottoms at the bottom of the clothes, when you want to turn the clothes into the bag, you button all the buttons, put a belt or string to put on your shoulder and it’s a bag!

Here is how you use this clothes: you pack you tools in the bag, after you arrive at the studio, unpack you bag and unfasten the buttons to turn it into the top. You can put it on you while drawing.

Initially I wanted to use cotton and  I want to design a top or a dress that will use stains to be part of its decoration . Sometimes you just through away clothes because it got stains that you could not wash off, this dress or top can fully use the stains color and create new patterns.  People won’t throw away their clothes and create farther waste. So I created a double layered tops using cotton and bamboo fabrics. The base layer is cotton fabric  and the top layer is bamboo fabric. The bamboo part has mold to turn the stains into beautiful patterns. Although both are sustainable fabrics, I realized the fabric I chose broke easily, therefore I chose denims for this clothes. Denim is one of the most durable fabrics. Denim has been used in the USA since the mid 19th century for worker in Nevada.  Although denim is usually consider causing water pollution, nowadays we found ways to make raw denims. Denim last a long time and you only can repair the fabric by patching. Many piece of fabric and patches can also make this piece of clothes meaningful. It’s a piece that bring memories.  



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