Book Deconstruction & Remake

For this project, I chose a book title “Mortal Love”. It is a fiction about a dangerous, seductive and also dead woman. She was a patient in a hospital. One day there was a big fire, and she died in this accident but then became a ghost. A young poet came to the town, and met a mysterious woman. He was immediately attracted by her, and he kept thinking about her everyday. But he died very suddenly. A few years later a young artist came to the town, fell in love with a beautiful woman and died very soon. Later, a few other men met this woman, and they all had the same experience, ended up dead.


First, I cut the shape of half a woman’s lip on the book to symbolize her beauty.


I did most of my design in the inside.

I cut rectangle holes with the olfa knife. I made some drawings with markers. There are the unfortunate men, the beautiful woman, roses, leafs, high heel, face, dagger, etc. Then I cut the drawings and pasted them on different pages to create a sense of depth.

Those drawings together constitute the enchanting narrative.

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