My Space Representation (Digital)

First ideas of the photographic street serie :








For the digital version I wanted to take a serie of pictures of details on the street that really appeal to me because during my childhood I was really interested in sounds, but my vision was Also called. For example, I was really attracted by small interesting details of like bright colors on the road or escalators, different lights etc. S I started to created a serie of long pictures in pair, and I tried also with really short films but I was not happy with the final result


Final idea, making a short film continuously to the material project on the cone :

The cone represents the immobility, so I decided to stroll it as an ironic way threw different sceneries, and place it as a witness. For my project I wanted to denounce this rejection of taking care of spaces.


Witness of the urban world, spreading noises and devalue urban cleanliness.

Witness of the nature, silent, breathable, relaxing.


Sketches :



Taking lots of videos in diverse areas :




Selecting the most striking videos depending on the sounds, the effect, the message, the color, the design :



Extracts :








Extract that I finally didn’t put because it was first degree :



Here is the link for the final video :

“My Space Representation” on YouTube :


Conclusion :

This short film was a challenge for me because I didn’t make videos before. It was a way to represent, with a distance, my space that I did in the material part, with our showing the inside. The only detail that can change the perception is my signature on the bottom of the cone so that we can understand that no I own this cone, even if I was in a way claiming ownership of this sign even if it is a public element. In an ironic way, I denounce the society that didn’t adapt to situations and is forcing ownership of things like nature. While I was filming, It was interesting to see the reaction of people that didn’t understand what was going on.







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