Exploring a space 1

Inspirations : 





Intentions :

We wanted to show conceptual aspect of a space or a “non space” by using movement of the body and smoke bombes, to amplify the concept of emptiness. It was hard because it is impossible to have the entire control of the smoke, and it is ephemeral. We tried too create an imaginative space in a space that is my garden in Le Vesinet. We are defining a space by drawing in the air with restrictive movements.



For the first try, we used the purple color so it really contrasts with the green grass. Representing a space by drawing in the air is hazardous. We tried our best to manage the direction of the smoke, keeping voluntarily the hazardous side of this substance. We wanted the public to imagine how the space would be so it definitely call our senses, sensibility, and intentions. Using colors pops with the environment behind so we found it interesting.


Searching for verbs / actions :

the imaginary / the emptiness / playfulness / chaos / loneliness / control / imagine


Sketches :


Lots of tries :




Pictures of the process / Different ways to show space :










Slow motions videos of the process :




Final photo of the exploration of the space, representing imaginary and restriction :




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