Initial reflections for eyes without a face project

When I came to Konstanze’s place, books were really present, and I also noticed a big poster of Yves Klein printed woman body. I decided to sketch a black coat because I think It represents her classical personality, and thought about how to add this kind of woman body without representing something concrete. When I did Konstanze’s moodboard, nudity and feminity where really present and Konstanze told me that she really wanted to use her body to do the printings. So she came to my place and started to experiment on large format « grand aigle », testing different colors and combinaison of colors. Unfortunately when we where really satisfied about all these big format of body printings, we decided to do it on a long black coat that we bought in a thrift shop but it didn’t come out so well. It was a little bit messy so it started to scratch certain ereas so it looked cleaner. We don’t no if Konstanze will wear it but overall it was a wonderfull experience.

  • Konstanze’s MOODBOARD :

  • Details on the moldboard :





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