How can we collaborate with nature ?

I decided to collaborate with nature by doing textile patterns of a particular flower : the Dahlia, and also mixing with my of my favorite inspiration Roy Lichtenstein. I would like to print on fabric, some of those patterns :







Color chart of a dahlia flower :



Embroideries :



Collages and drawings :




















Final composition on fabric :





The composition shows the evolution of a Dahlia flower, from small and curvy petals, to really thick and abundant petals. It starts with a strong and dark color because they start low, from nothing, small, they are covered by other more prominent species of nature. In the second one, the flower has grown, in a lighter background, they started to take more space and to blossom. The third drawing shows more the steam and the leaves. At the end, the dahlia is strong, powerful, and it is a species in a position of power when it has reached its largest size, slender to reach the light in relation to the first drawing where the dahlia was in the shadow at its birth.







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