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Eau de Paris symbolizes the avant-garde of the public water management service and is a reference in France and internationally. With its strong philosophy “Water a common ressource” that guides its daily action, Eau de Paris is a successful model of integrated service. It is an important player of the Paris metropolis and sustainable territories.

My initial idea was to create a graphic Water Map of the Paris flows, and translate it in a sustainable way. I used only collected materials in the street (plastic stencil, cutter) and sustainable products (beet, spices such as paprika and curcuma). I decided to boil a beet, and test different products to create my natural and vegetal tinted spray (replacing the toxic spray paint).

My final project consists in a poetic way to represent the Paris Water Map ephemerally. It is a way of saying that today, water is a common ressource, which we don’t take enough care of. That’s a subject which stands out sometimes thanks to sustainable associations, but most of the time is miserably forsaken. That is why the map will disappear when the snow will melt because I sprayed my stencil on the fresh snow in my garden.

I also wanted to go a little deeper and to spray my vegetal tinted water on an actual graff which is the most common representation of this type of vandal art (and the act of spraying). But the tinted beet water didn’t really stand out compare to the toxic thick paint, as if water was inferior in front of the damage of the industrial field.


Reference Map :


Boiling the Beetroot :




Color tests (Beet / Curcuma, Paprika ) :










The process of making water maps with stencils in the snow :






















 Maps :









Little Film of the process :


Water Map film


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