Presentation 1 : Pecha Kucha


The “Pecha Kucha” presentation :





















The feedback that the class gave me after the presentation helped me a lot choosing my final research topic. I definitely think that I will chose the topic related to the unconventional materials (and integrate customized objects using unconventional materials). I really want to study in seminar the aspect of using unconventional materials as a need, during the war for example. And than go into nowadays and the introduction of unconventional materials in fashion and haute couture as an original luxury materials. For my studio project, I would love to go deeper in studying the reaction of unconventional materials on the curves of the body. I would to a complete study of the body by molding a lot of different parts of the body before creating any garment. Because I think that haute couture would lot its meaning without the molding ancient practice. At the end, I would enjoy creating a cohiecive “collection” of pieces inspired by the street with unconventional materials, but also shoes and accessories.

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