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Dear Sir or Madam,

After a MANAA (Mise à Niveau en Arts Appliqués) program at Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant in Sèvres (France), I am currently studying in first year in Fashion design at Parsons Paris. The MANAA program is a one-year course where I have been able to upgrade my drawing, painting and sewing skills. The interdisciplinary perspective of the program has helped me a lot this year in Parsons to improve my knowledge in art history and philosophy applied to art projects, as well as to learn how to conduct a research on an artistic topic.

I am really attracted by the intellectual and conceptual approaches employed by Parsons. Fashion is as much visual as deeply intellectual. Parsons helped me a lot to find a strong meaning to all my projects. Indeed, we follow creative courses relating to writing courses that helped me explaining how I ended up with my final creative idea. One of my most recent work is a capsule collection of garments directly inspired by reclaimed materials found on the street. I strongly believe that reclaimed objects represent an interesting way for the future to approach fashion: recycling what we already own instead of making again. Lately, I have also been manufacturing a kimono, as I am fascinated by Japan and its culture. Before then, I had been working on two art books gathering many of my creations. One of these books is a compilation of pictures of the many customized shoes I have created so far, some of them being directly inspired – as much of my work – by Mondrian’s graphic paintings.

Two thrilling internships confirmed my huge interested in art, design and fashion. In 2015, I interned at “Formes et Fonctions Studio”, an interior design office where I became familiar with fabrics. My other internship took place in 2013 at “Zadig et Voltaire”, a French premium brand selling fashion products. I really enjoyed working at the creative department, where I could observe the whole process of designing garments. Touching, observing, assembling clothes was a very fascinating experience.

My professional goal is to become a stylist or a fashion designer. Working as a stylist is attractive to me as I enjoy very much drawing fashion sketches. This is a very creative job requiring an astute sense of observation and intuition – qualities that I intend to develop. Even more appealing professionally would be to work as a fashion designer insofar as this job is less ruled by economic criteria and requires a very personal and innovative artistic vision. For instance, I would love to create a brand of haute-couture based on a very special focus on shoes as a means to display clothes.

I would like to thank you for considering my application, I am available should you require any further information.


Alice Le Ster

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