Project 4: Human Occupancy

final drawing:

sketchbook spread:


5 photos:

photoshop parallel universe:

external photo citation: mountain tops

project description:

For the photography portion of the project four assignment, I wanted to focus on capturing the human form with nature. Thus, around Washington Square Park I tried to explore various angles and subjects in relation to the fall leaves and sunbeams. Some photos I wanted to concentrate on the figure and their emotions (eg. the dad and the baby), but most were about capturing the wonder of fall. Additionally, I used the scenery of the trees to capture a mystery as to the lives and thoughts of those shown. The various distances and focal lengths explore these factors, simultaneously utilizing color to create a difference with the artistic development and meaning of the work (some works focusing on details of the subject in color, others away from the subject).

The photographic series almost reflects a people-watching tone, which I wanted to carry over into my parallel universe recreation. For the creation, I wanted to use the same man in the same position, but use his pensive pose to create an artistic recreation of his thoughts. I extracted the photo, focusing on the figure and created a silhouette. Then, I warped a natural photo of a view of the treetops to create a halo of illumination. This vision was based on where the real man’s gaze was held, a clearing of trees with a beautiful glowing cloud above. The idea and literal stance of the man staring at said trees for 10+ minutes created the idea if the shape being a circle- a continuous shape capturing a continuous moment in time. 

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