For this project, we decided to create a product called Vinylware, based solely on two of the keywords that were given to us: liquid and record. After bouncing many ideas back and forth, we finally landed on a set of plate-like products into which records could be snapped and eaten off of. One thing that proved to be difficult in designing this, however, was ensuring that the records would not be scratched while being eaten off of. To combat this, we decided to produce circles of clear acrylic that would be held in place by the walls of the Vinylware, protecting the records while keeping an even surface for dining. Another difficulty we came across while prototyping was the process of popping the record out of the Vinylware after use. Gaining inspiration from 45 rpm adapters, we laser-cut the design in the bottom of the plate to allow users to easily pop the records in and out. After producing the actual product, each member of the group was required to make an advertisement. For mine, I decided to play off of nostalgia and achieve a sort of “groovy” and retro feel. In addition to each of our individual advertisements, we created a commercial for the product, which can be seen below.


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