2D Core Project 1: “iii”

This project proved to be a little more challenging for me because a lot of the visuals came to me before the actual narrative. In creating the first few key frames the story / narrative grew from and through the visual aspects. I think that if you were to ask readers about this, most of them would be able to guess that this was the case due to the somewhat abstract plot of the story. However, over the course of this project I have grown to love the abstract narrative– one that does not necessarily always tell the most straightforward story, but one that leaves more to the imagination of the reader. I recall in class looking at some books that make absolutely no sense and the “purpose” of them is for the reader to create sense out of them. I really enjoy this idea because as someone who never really read all that much, I find that it makes the process much more exciting and open ended.

I knew that I wanted to bind my pages somehow, so I decided to create covers using laser-cut illustration board and bound the sides with rubber cement. While this definitely was not the strongest method, I’m actually really surprised at how well it has held up and how little wear it has shown from being transported to and from school multiple times. That being said, if I were to have more time / money in the future, I would work on getting it properly bound. The final project is 7.5 x 9 inches.

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