Rorschach gif Narrative

1: Helen met Hubert in their college dining hall when the two both reached for honey to spread on their toast. They never left each other‘s side for the next 63 years.

2: Every morning after Helen made Hubert his ritual toast with honey, he put on his old stetson hat and goes off to work.

3: Helen and Hubert were often compared to lovebirds constantly swooning over one another. Each infatuated in the other‘s gaze.

4: However, a clown from the county circus saw their love and was overcome with jealousy. He needed to experience emotion such as that. He needed Helen.

5: After capturing her and having his pet spider wrap her up, the clown went back to the circus to perform that very night.

6: Just minutes before the clown came back, Hubert bust into the clown‘s layer with his toast, smearing honey all over the spider. Completely stuck in the honey, the spider was unable to restrain them when Hubert freed Helen from its grasp.

7: However, just before Helen escaped, the spider was able to over-exert itself and bite her with its very last breath. Helen started to change and no longer remembered Hubert or the love they had shared. Hubert was devastated, but he understood.

8: She was a new bird now. One ready to fly on her own.

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