Final Project WIP 1

For the final project, I plan to animate a story that I wrote about a character named Frog Boy for an assignment earlier this year. I plan to animate the entire thing digitally and by hand, using some experimental techniques. Ideally, I would like to write some music for this short as well if time permits. The finished short will likely be around 4 minutes in length.


The year is 2084 AD. Nuclear war has left the planet in ruins and its few survivors drastically mutated. Frog Boy marks his 600th day of isolation with a dwindling piece of chalk (his last). 600 days since he lost his partner to the nuclear wasteland outside.


Torn apart by his longing for another soul, Frog Boy decides that a life spent alone and inside is just as horrible as no life at all. Coming to this conclusion, he unscrews the latch to climb to the surface. The harsh sunlight burns his skin—it’s the first time he has seen anything that bright in almost two years. To his surprise, the air seems somewhat breathable and the harsh winds carrying sand from the surrounding dunes seem to have died down.


After walking well into the night while exploring the ruins of his old city, Frog Boy decides that he should probably head back—the few supplies he had brought for the outing have diminished quickly and he was beginning to get hungry. Upon hearing something behind him and promptly turning around, Frog Boy sees what seems to be the silhouette of his partner standing in the moonlight. He confronts her, reaching out to touch her—to ensure her reality. However, just before his fingertips reach hers, he feels a sharp pain come from his ankles. Looking down, he notices two rats have just bit him and were quickly trying to scurry up his legs. Looking into the eyes of his partner, now clearly visible in the moonlight, he sees that they are lifeless. Her form begins to deteriorate and dozens of rats pour out from beneath her clothes. Her lifeless body collapses to the ground and Frog Boy is suddenly completely covered in rats.


Frog Boy falls over, lifeless, as the rats dissipate. His body faces that of his partner, and the two slowly reanimate as rats begin to fill their clothes and support their limp bodies. The couple walk off together in the hazardous wasteland—dozens of rats piloting each of their bodies.

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