Artist’s Manifesto

As an artist (particularly as an animator), I spend a lot of time thinking about what I make and who I am making it for. I think that it is fantastic to make things for myself and I spend much of my time doing just that, but I have been thinking recently about the importance of making for other people in addition to myself. I do not think that these are mutually exclusive, meaning to say I can make for myself and others simultaneously, but it requires a different mindset. I think that recently I’ve been coming into and welcoming this different mindset more and more.

A friend of mine said to me recently about a television show that ended: “I did or thought something positive every time I watched an episode.” Looking back on my life and how comforting the warm glow of animated shows on a small monitor could be at times when everything else felt so hostile, I was taken aback. It was then that I entertained the idea of creating for others as a possible career path for the first time.

If I could make a body of work that could be there for someone in their time of need, if I could make something that would love someone back when all they felt was pain and sorrow, that would bring me true joy. The trick, I think, is finding the balance between creating for myself and creating for this other person—this other me. I think that my journey as an artist is finding that balance and bringing comfort, joy, and happiness to peoples’ lives through my work.

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