Thesis Journal Week 2

For this week, I storyboarded the intro for my short which should translate into about 45 seconds – 1 minute of animation. This storyboard starts with an exterior shot of the pizza place to set the environment for the animation. The camera tracks through the door to a telephone base with the receiver held above out of frame. The camera pans up the telephone cord to the receiver to reveal the owner of the pizza establishment: a large, grotesque figure who appears to have never cleaned itself once in its life. The owner takes an order on the phone, hangs up, and then relays the order to the two pizza delivery people in the back alley of the pizza place. One of them is smoking, puts out his cigarette, and the intro/theme song begins. The title theme shows our two pizza delivery heroes and the names of the actors that voice them. The theme follows them as they get ready for a delivery and montages as they drive to their first drop-off.

In addition to the storyboard, I created rough models of the two main characters in 3d using Cinema4D to use as reference for posing in scenes and rotoscoping. I began to play around with using motion capture data through a browser-based program called Mixamo. Mixamo lets me upload my characters and allows me to easily rig and apply a vast assortment of motion capture files to the character. I plan to use this program to create references for a lot of the character animation in the short and believe that it will be incredibly helpful for getting lifelike movements in my characters.

I spent a couple hours on a pizza delivery sub-reddit that had a bunch of pizza delivery horror stories, so I made a big list of things that could go wrong on a delivery from my research:

Prank Calls

Delivering to events (schools?)

TIPS (negative tip)

walkups! big bad walkups!

trying to find the right number

paying in all coins

ask who it is when the pizza guy answers

car breaks down

turning the seat heater on for the pizza and regular heat!

doing weird things for a tip

regular customers “i’ll have the regular”

stoned people ordering pizza

time limit for delivering pizzas

they see something super fucked up, drop the pizza wide mouthed, and they dropping sound gets the attention of whatever they see


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