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Introduction to Ava



Ava Kershbaumer is a 19 year old student, currently a freshman at Parsons – The New School in NYC. Originally from Newtown, Pennsylvania, she lived their all her life until moving to New York City for college. That is still where most of her family resides.

The only child of Sue and Gerry Kershbaumer, her father taught her how to paint with watercolors, which is her main medium to this day. She maintains a close relationship with her parents, being an only child, she thinks that has created a special bond between them. Since she could hold a paint brush or pencil, she’s been creating art. She has a half border collie, half Aussie cattle dog named Buttons. With her parents, she has traveled to locations like Switzerland, Germany and the Oregon Redwoods. She looks forward to travelling more and exploring the world further. If she could, she would travel to Nepal, she finds the unique culture to be particularly beautiful and draws inspiration from the country’s Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. There are 123 languages that are spoken in Nepal, including Nepali, Maithili, and Bhojpuri.

Although she is living in New York City for school, she can’t see herself staying in the city for much longer than that–she enjoys the peace of the outdoors and wishes to find a nice quiet ranch where she can make a deep connection with nature and the earth. In that regard, she relates herself to Sally Mann–a photographer who lives on a farm in Lexington, Virginia. Ava’s art tends to feature scenes from nature, watercolors of deer, waterfalls, and lush green landscape are quite common. In 2018, she won an award for 3D art in Pennsylvania District 8 Congressional Art Competition. The piece that she won with is similar to what was described above. A woman with long, dark hair crouches by a river, cupped hands filled with water. A deer stands beside her in the river, docile with its head tilted in her direction. The reflection of both the deer and the woman can be seen in the water. Behind them, the river trails off, lush evergreens can’t hide the mountains far behind them and the pale, yellow setting sky further beyond that.

With a major in game design, she wants to create fantasy inspired story driven games that can feature the creative mind of a player. She draws inspiration from her favorite readings, which include genres across the spectrum–not limited to fiction, horror, and fantasy. Her favorite film and book is the Count of Monte Cristo, due to it’s good story progression and interesting plot, centered around revenge. She also greatly enjoys Stephen King novels.

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