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Reify- trans. To make (something abstract) more concrete or real; to regard or treat (an idea, concept, etc.) as if having material existence.

Ape- To imitate, mimic

Constative- A statement that is capable of being true or false.

Hitherto- Up to this time, until now, as yet.

Dubious- Objectively doubtful; fraught with doubt or uncertainty; uncertain, undetermined; indistinct, ambiguous, vague.

Auxiliary- Helpful, assistant, affording aid, rendering assistance, giving support or succour.

Succour- To help, assist, aid (a person, etc.).

Erogenic- that gives rise to sexual desire.

Collude- To act in secret concert with, chiefly in order to trick or baffle some third person or party; to play into one another’s hands; to conspire, plot, connive; to play false; to act in play merely.

Desiccated- Deprived or freed of moisture; dried; (of food) dried for preservation.

Phenomenology- The metaphysical study or theory of phenomena in general (as distinct from that of being). Obs.

Espoused- The action of teaching or instructing; instruction; a piece of instruction, a lesson, precept. Obs.

Locus-The place in which something is situated or occurs. In later use also: the effective or perceived location of something abstract.

Temporality- Temporal power, jurisdiction, affairs, property, etc.: esp. the temporal property of the clergy; = temporalty n. 1. Obs.

Subversive- That tends or is intended to subvert a system, institution, or person; that seeks subversion; (now esp.) that seeks to destabilize or overthrow a political regime, esp. by covert means.

Naturalized- Firmly fixed, innate. Obs. rare.

Determinate- That has been or is determined: in the chief senses of the verb.

Ontology- The science or study of being; that branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature or essence of being or existence.

Delimited- To mark or determine the limits of; to define, as a limit or boundary.

Punitive- Inflicting or intended to inflict punishment; retributive, punishing.

Tacit- Unspoken, unvoiced; silent, emitting no sound; noiseless, wordless.

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