The Litter Project

Last semester in Integrative Studio 1, I made this cigarette “dollhouse” out of 1044 cigarette butts I collected around Manhattan. It smelled super nasty and I didn’t find the finished product particularly spectacular. But during my process, I got the idea that once I finished it, I would put it right back on the sidewalk. I really like this idea, of using litter in a repetitive manner to make a sculpture, and then putting it back on the sidewalk. It allows everyone an opportunity to see and have a reaction to the art (not everyone, but a very random group), and there is an interesting element of the art falling victim to the elements in the end, being destroyed, and then being, once again, just litter. This semester, I want to start this practice, and maybe I will call it The Litter Project. Maybe I’ll think of something better later on.

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