Documentation of Design Engagement: Audio and Summary

Molly Craft Johnson Interview

Kiani Brown Interview

Summary of engagement:

For my design engagement, I interviewed Molly Craft Johnson, University Sustainability Associate at The New School’s Tishman Environment and Design Center, and Kiani Brown, Gural Scholar, junior at TNS, and leader of SOC weekly meet ups. They both explained to me their role at TNS, and described past efforts at TNS for both resource swaps and SJH revitalization. They also both explained to me the bureaucratic land mines that I would have to be cognizant of if I chose to implement my design. Molly introduced the idea of using existent shelving in the hub to reduce mess, and increase access and ownership of the design by the people using the swap. Kiani Brown told me about the efforts the Gural Scholars had made to reclaim the space, and the challenges they faced in the political environment of TNS. Both interviews helped me do two things: change my design to avoid redundancies with past efforts, and anticipate the type of resistance I might get from the school.

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