Reflection on design done in class: 3/10/17

Reflection on design done in class: 3/10/17

1) How effectively does the purpose/function of this design proposal connect with the BRB Social Justice Hub’s intended community?

First of all, let me state what I believe is the function of my design: the function is to unite the disparate groups currently meeting through the hub, by having them organize and run the clothing swap together. Another purpose of my design is to demystify the space, purpose, and methods you can become involved with the hub to students who are not currently using the space, or aware of its purpose. The third function of my design is to raise money for the hub. Some ulterior functions of the swap are counteracting capitalism, consumerism, waste.

The intended community of the hub is students who are underrepresented at TNS and are oppressed by current harmful systems within the New School institution and broader society based on their race, sex, gender identity, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, etc. I think that my design connects to the intended community because it is designed to unify all of the different groups so that the hub is more of a sticky web than a vacuum.

2) Is it empowering and productive?

I think that it is empowering because it will hopefully create a stronger, larger community within the hub. Ideally, students from the different groups would form connects and collaborations with other students from other groups.

I think it could work, because it would draw a lot of students, because everyone wants free clothes from other students at TNS. I think the biggest challenge with my proposal right now is how I would get students from all of the different groups meeting in the hub to be on board with my design and help plan/run it. Half of my idea is that the different groups would be planning and adapting on my design with each other, the other half is the actual event. So I think that it would be difficult to come from the outside and be like “everyone, plan this event and bond” because I don’t have the authority to do that.

My identity effected my design a lot, because a clothing swap is pushing my environmentalist, pro-thrift, anti-consumerism agendas–which don’t have much to do with the hub, or they do, but indirectly. It is also effected by my experience with clothes as a thin, cis, white woman, and so the effect I see the clothing swap having might be favorably screwed by my privilege.

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