Reflection on Design Process

Reflection on Design Process

Lily Rose-Wilen

I began to write about the extent I adhered to the design justice principles in my class notes, but I will continue here. I struggled during this project, because I knew that to follow the design justice principles, I would have to really infiltrate the hub. There were two things holding me back from this: the hub doesn’t have a connected, consistent community–so I was trying to infiltrate something that wasn’t tangible, and I also didn’t feel comfortable designing for a space created for marginalized students at the New School, because I am not a marginalized student at the New School. How do I design to rebuild a space for students who are oppressed by all of the privileged white people, a group which I am a part of? That innately feels unjust, and so to somehow push beyond that obstacle is a concept that still eludes me. Is it my place, as a privileged white woman, to say that I am just not the right designer for this space? How can I be, considering who I am??

All this is to say that I didn’t adhere to some of the design justice principles, because I didn’t penetrate the hub far enough. I am frustrated and confused about how I could have done this “better”–if I could have done this better.

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