Revised Design Proposal: Resource Swap in the BRB Social Justice Hub

Revised Design Proposal: Resource Swap in the BRB Social Justice Hub

Lillian Rose-Wilen

What: A student run, permanent clothing and shoe swap. Donation boxes will sit on every floor of the UC and will collect clothing and shoes. The boxes will be accompanied by signs that state that the donations will go to the resource swap in the social justice hub, and back to TNS students. The resource swap will live on the existing shelves on the 5th floor, labeled and carefully organized in a manner that does not create extra work for any of the UC maintenance staff. There will also be a living list of community guidelines that will be placed next to the shelves.

Where: On the (now empty) metal shelves in conference room 514.

Maintenance of the system: I will need to collect donations around the school once a week, inspect the clothes, fold and organize them, and put them on the shelves. When I leave school, either a new student will take over, or ideally the space with take care of itself: students will place donations straight onto the shelves, and it won’t be necessary to collect boxes.

How does the resource swap get into the hands of those who need it? The resource swap will be inside of a social justice meeting space, and I will contact the student groups/attend meetings to introduce the resource swap, get advice on how it can best work, and create the community guidelines that will accompany the swap. I will also introduce the swap to other people working on sustainability at the New School, using the contacts and events Molly Johnson referred to me. There will also be posters in the UC explaining the what, where, and why of the swap.

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