Design Proposal

Written summary of selected system:

What is your research question?

What does effective drug education look like?

What is the system is you’re designing around, and what is your point of intervention?  (Are you creating a new system?  Adapting or intervening with an existing one?)

I am designing a new system: a set of educational cards that do 4 things: define what drugs fall within each category of drugs (stimulants, depressants, etc.), define what effects each category of drugs has on the body and mind, tips for the safe usage of each drug, and signs of abuse of that drug.

What is the purpose of this system?  Who and what will be impacted?  How will they be impacted?  

The purpose is to provide students with enough information to do drugs safely, if they choose to do them. Freshman in high school will be influenced because they will have access to an unbiased, thorough guide to drug safety that can be used to prevent/solve dangerous drug-related situations. They will also have a tool to assist their learning in school funded drug education programs.

How does this system relate to your research question?

It models the effective drug education approach I hope to define in my seminar paper.

Create a strategy to engage your intended audience with the prototype in meaningful ways:

Who is your audience? Why?  

My audience is freshman students in high school. I am choosing the high school I went to, because it is a large public school in a city that has issues with drug-related violence.

What would a meaningful sample size be?

A meaningful sample size might be 10 students from an honors English 1 class, 10 students from a college English 1 class, and 10 students from the International Academy English 1 class.

How will you reach them? When and where?

I will reach out to the English teachers in these three sections, and ask if they would be willing to give them to their students and collect feedback.

How will you ensure that they engage successfully with your prototype?

I will create a series of follow up questions that are only answerable if the student has read my cards.

How will you document this engagement? (During? After?  Required preparation?)



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  1. savaj455 · April 21, 2017 Reply

    Drug education is definitely something that should be taught to youth and young adult. It should also be tested like any other subject. After reading your post I have a few questions…

    What is the Upfront Drug Education program and how does it operate?
    How is this program reaching the youth?
    How are the participants going to be able to view the test ‘forever’?
    Did you define your target audience?

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