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memory images

memory images

Pictures took before departure:


Some night I was hanging around the streets near my home, and I took this picture.


Inside a trash can, which sat on a street near my home.


A night, I made this tape-drawing with my friend in my home city.


U know what these are 😛   I bought them in Japan when I travelled there in 2013.


A picture of my room. Reminds me of the rare sunny days of my city.


A picture of my room, the night before I depart from it.

Picture took after arrived in NYC:IMG_0638

A night playing my guitar. It reminds me of a time I player guitar in a bar in Shang-rila.

IMG_0507A smoking man in Sun Wukong(a famous mythological character of China) suits standing at the Union Square.

IMG_0709A night eating sunflower seeds alone… Same flavor but different place.

IMG_0689Maidenhair tree is my city’s city tree.

IMG_0692Suck food of the school cafeteria rendered me to miss the cafeteria of my high school.

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