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Waterlab Obsevations

On June 13th 2018, we went to the water lab in the New School Building for water quality testing. This is my third time going through the testing. It was a Sunny day but slightly chilly inside the water lab. We were asked to put on lab coat and hand gloves to prevent any bacteria transmission. The professor, Marcus, introduced us with the knowledge of fecal matter in the sewage system in NYC and how can they be identified, categorized and observed in the lab environment. We were told to do an experiment after making hypothesis according to the wether and the controlled groups. The goal of this experiment was to examine if there were any fecal matter in the river sample.

One week later we were told to go back to the lab and review the outcome of the experiment. quite contrary to our hypothesis(there’s no fecal matter in the river sample), the outcome shows that there were fecal matter in the river sample.



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