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Home experiments–Kombucha (Instantly Cringed out)

On June 6 2018, we were asked to do a natural textile experiment. There were two options: mycelium and kombucha. I chose kombucha. I did the nurturing process the second day and placed the material on my balcony. It stinks.


3 weeks later

Today is June 26, 2018. I uncovered the lip placed on the kombucha kit, the stench immediately made me cringe. I plucked the freak out of myself and picked the leather up to take some pictures, resulting me washing my hand twice to get rid of the smell. I must have been crazy to have chosen kombucha.

The end product appears to be a slippery, jelly, slimily, double layered film with a tinted yellow. I don’t know how strong it is because I’d have to use both of my hands to test it, and I REFUSE to do so. There is this wrinkled layer attached on the smoother one. I don’t know what it is, and I DEFINITELY DON’T wanna even touch it. In conclusion, it’s immorally gross. I can’t imagine how this is used to make textile. Bye bye kombucha. I hope I’ll never have to deal with you again in my life : (


I heard some people make food out of this, and now I’m like, WHAT?! WHAAAAT???!!!

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