Time Grid

Time Grid

The theme I was chosen is the process of presenting time. We have many ways to measure time, but we all define the time as a consumption process of a point to another point. So, from this angle, our life is based on the time, or we can say time is the carrier of our life. But I think maybe we can define the time from another point of view, is that the conditions we are experiencing or somethings are taking place in the moment of our life, also is the form of time. Is the process which we are taking define the time, not the time present us.

This is a quite complicated concept, so when I take the picture, I choose those things which do not define by time but can show time as my theme. People always have a fixed concept, that is doing fixed things at the fixed time like people should go to sleep at night time. So, I shot the night of New York City, and I find that New York City may never sleep, this city will always be brightly lit at night, New York did not succumb to time, but gave the night a new definition. Then I began to look for the waiting process. Waiting seems to a process controlled by the time, but I think the waiting is also a process of building time. Faced with waiting, we can create too many states, waiting can be static or active, it depends on what kind of environment people and things are in when they are waiting. In the process of waiting, we can enjoy the time or ignore the time even experience the time, our perception of the length of time will change with the environment we live in or our psychological feelings. So, in the process of waiting, the time is also defined. Then I began to look for something that happened in a moment. For example, rain falls on the ground, an old man holding a rainbow umbrella, all people experience the moment in all the windows of a building. I think these pictures are very attractive. These pictures render the charm of this moment, they make the time showing more meaningful at this moment.

So in my opinion, time is not a subjective thing, it is the substance which produces by what we experience and what we see. We should not be bound by time, but define the time as a recode element of enriching our life by our own our own cognition.

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