Studio: sketchbook program

1. Before you visited the Brooklyn Art Library, what did you imagine it would be like?

  • I thought that will be a huge modern Library, at list have 3 floors.

2. When you arrived at the Brooklyn Art Library, what was your first impression?

  • I feel a little bit disappoint because this library it much smaller than my imaging, it looks more like a bookstore.

3. After spending time looking at the sketchbooks, how did your impression change?

  • I feel here is the heaven of inspiration, no any place can better than here, I can stay in this library whole week.

4. What did you learn most from the visit?

  • The sketchbook is the good tool to describe our imagination.

5. Was the homework handout helpful? How did it help you?

  • A little bit helpful, it helps me build a foundation structure of my flowing project, make my mind be more clear.

6. Do you wish you had more time during our visit? If so, how would you have spent it?

  • Of course, I even will go there by alone, I will spend more time on fashion sketchbook collection.

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