Time: The Picture Movie – Wake up

Time: The Picture Movie – Wake up

Wake up

I made this video wanted to express a possibility. Whether we can live in two different spaces, one side is our real world, the other side is our dream. People cannot always remember what happened in the dream, the same, when we are dreaming is almost impossible to recall our real life. In the dream, all the strange things for the real life will not make us surprised, for the dream, the real life may be a dream. So how do we distinguish between which side is a dream, which side is the reality? Are we awake or dreaming now?


Create the concept, theme, storyline and script

          Collecting images for script

Find two different music and organized theme together

Recording the word lines

organizing word lines with background music

composing images and setting their transition and effect

combining images and sounds together, setting the images transition coordinate with background music

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