Studio: The Red Scarf

My work is a red scarf, red scarf has a very strong political symbolic. It symbolizes the younger generation led by Chinese Communist Party, today, all primary and secondary school students in China will still wear red scarves. The inspiration of this work comes from both Ai Weiwei and Zhang Xiaogang. Its 2d form is red scarf, in Zhang Xiaogang’s works also appeared in the portrait of students wearing red scarf, it is a sign of the young pioneer. And its 3d shape is a flower, it is folded through the red scarf. Wearing safflower on the chest in Chinese society is a symbol of glory. Those who contribute to the government will wear this safflower to accept recognition. Safflower and red scarf also represent government promulgated a red thought to the people with these symbolic significances, and in China, red thought represents the idea of embracing government’s domination. There is some connection with the satirical theme that Ai Weiwei likes to express. These two forms of things can be understood as the tool of government to control people’s thinking, and in the old Chinese society, more like this tool is everywhere.




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