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This view is pretty attractive near the street, it from a coffee bar’s shopwindow. The shop builds a really beautiful scene front of the door, and this beauty scene also really functional.

Beauty is a harmonious state; it has an eye-catching effect. There are many ways to reach a harmonious state, for the human body, if the proportion of body or facial features close to the golden proportion, then this is a harmonious state, so we can say this person is beautiful. Showing this harmonious state for business is relatively more complex, it should consider more factors.This shop window is set in a very harmonious state, whether the combine of shop’s concept or it structure of out looking. Its color strategy is very suitable for the theme of the coffee shop, tables and chairs, signboard and symbols on the window are using a lot of solid color.The repetition of these solid colors makes it contrast with the surrounding scene, and immediately attract people’s eyes.The way the tables and chairs are placed in front of the window is symmetrical so that you can create a harmonious and natural scene, looks very simple and regular, regular scenes can stimulate people’s minds of pleasure.Signs board and symbol on windows are also very straightforward and functional, and they can imply the function or type of the store for customers.

As a whole, this shop window makes people feel joviality because of both color strategy and the setting structure. It shows a very standard and harmonious beauty for business, so we can say it is an entirely satisfactory shopwindow case.


Obvious contrast can always give the audience a bright feeling. In Manhattan, the city which is created by reinforced concrete, every natural plant is worth appreciating. The green plants front of the picture formed a very sharp contrast with the back of the buildings. It makes the buildings on the back are no longer stiff. At the same time, the cool color of the buildings and warm color of the plants evenly divided the photo’s angle into two parts, which also makes elements more abundant in the picture. This photo was taken at the union square farmer market. The vendors put the plants in the square, forming a mini jungle. People walking through the plants, the city and nature get the perfect fusion in this photo and forming a coordinated beauty. An interesting detail is that the man’s head between the plants forms a focal point, and his expression also adds an attitude to this picture. So, when people appreciate this picture, they also followed to produce a sense of pleasure.


This photo was taken at the front door of the new school university central, at 5 o’clock in the morning. This photo shows a slowly awakening of Manhattan, With the sunrise, the sun gradually spread on the fifth avenue between the buildings, the sky and the ground formed a strong contrast. The street at the front of the screen is not completely illuminated, the scene seemed calm and serene, the upper side of the buildings is gradually getting the sunshine, walls and windows are illuminated into gold, seem to have vitality and energy. Distant Empire State Building in the focus position of the picture, its presence makes the picture shows a sense of power, so the picture will not be too calm, just can reflect the New York in the morning is being gradually awakened.


I took this picture in union square. It was raining at that moment. The rain was fall suddenly, everyone was hiding under a pavilion but this boy. He was holding a paper board, dancing and cheering under the raining. I removed the color from the original photo because I want the audience to focus on this boy’s state. This view shows a kind beauty of the innocence, the boy’s action looks lifeful, his expression also shows the great happiness. This beauty status can pleaser people from the deep emotion side, and it is also more natural than other beauty statuses.

This photo was taking in an art flea market in Brooklyn; a glass shed in the middle of the picture is very compelling. The colored glass deconstructs the shed into many small cubes; through each piece of glass can see the other glasses of another side, these different colored glasses combine with each other to form a very brilliant plane picture. Also, when you stand on various angles of this shed, the view of this shed all will be different also. On the other hand, the whole structure of the shed has a very modern art beauty. I can see the creator of this shed must inspirit from the Piet Cornelies Mondrian, Mondrian is one of the greatest realist artists in the neoteric, he has the best understanding of colored rectangle. Also, there is a woman who wears a pink dress just in the middle of the screen; she fills the door of this shed area which without color. The color of the shed combines with the color of the lady’s clothing form a complete color structure, these colors give the audience a powerful visual impact.

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