Bridge 2: Redefining Beauty

Beauty is small minority

Beauty is a subjective consciousness, not an objective state. The beauty which is recognized by most people now, in fact, is subject to a lot of objective conditions, these conditions will continue to change, they always remind you that you are still not beautiful enough. Therefore, this beauty only is the production tool which deliberately created to meet the commercial interests. The real beauty needs to put aside all objective criteria, it exists only with everyone’s subjective consciousness, everyone’s subjective consciousness is different, so beauty is private. And the field of expression of the real beauty need to put aside all the various business factors, but also to avoid a series of objective standards. The field that can meet these conditions may have only pure art. (Art field that has not been influenced by commercialization) This field must be a small minority, so the beauty is also a small minority. We continue to use a variety of standards to change our beauty and ultimately buried the real us. As an independent individual, you are beautiful when you really know yourself, this beauty is not to show others, but only to please yourself.


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