Studio 2 – Blog post 2, New York Jungle

The New York Jungle

Obvious contrast can always give the audience a bright feeling. In Manhattan, the city which is created by reinforced concrete, every natural plant is worth appreciating. The green plants front of the picture formed a very sharp contrast with the back of the buildings. It makes the buildings on the back are no longer stiff. At the same time, the cool color of the buildings and warm color of the plants evenly divided the photo’s angle into two parts, which also makes elements more abundant in the picture. This photo was taken at the union square farmer market. The vendors put the plants in the square, forming a mini jungle. People walking through the plants, the city and nature get the perfect fusion in this photo and forming a coordinated beauty. An interesting detail is that the man’s head between the plants forms a focus point, and his expression also adds an attitude to this picture. So, when people appreciate this picture, they also followed to produce a sense of pleasure.

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