History of Fashion – Topic choices of final paper

DATE: around 1920-1933, The Great Depression

This period has special historical meaning, also this is the time that fashion going to be more mature from the party or sport style.

It is different both with my personal and design style.

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DATE: September 1943, The WWII, cover page of Vogue magazine

I’m interested in the fashion during the war time, and I want to explore how wwii influences the fashion in the world. There have words “Take a job! Release a man to fight.” I think it conveys a message that women’s social roles are starting to change.

It not relate with my personal design style, but I also very like the particular style under the specific era background.

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Date: 1960s /Model: Audrey Hepburn/ Designer: Hubert de Givenchy

I think Givenchy push new look to a new climax, he perfectly deduced the essence of Mr. Dior.   Audrey Hepburn is very fond of Givenchy’s design, she dressed in Givenchy’s design led the beginning of the 60’s fashion trend.

My personal design style is similar with Givenchy style in 1960s.

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