[LS] Sustainable Systems, Week 13

What did you think of your visit to the UN? Which speaker did you find the most inspiring and why? What did you learn? What did it feel like to be inside the UN to hear these conversations? 

It was first time visit United Nation, I think everything in there are amazing. I pretty like there’s chairs, they are really comfortable. My friend who from other class told me, those chairs were renovated based on the original old chairs, I feel the UN plays an exemplary role in sustainability.

The presentation from two Denmark designers inspired me a lot. They mentioned in the Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Most of citizen are travel by bicycle, bicycles occupy much more than cars, so the government has set out more detailed bicycle traffic laws than any other country. They mentioned that people in Copenhagen even despise those people who driving car. I think this is a typical example of a universal environment-conscious of country city. For a country, the biggest problem of environmental protection and sustainable development is the national awareness and participation. I think Danes people make a really good example for the world, every country need to summarize the experience from their story.

The United Nations gives a very solemn feeling, all the conversation that took place there makes people feel very serious and formal. I think having the meeting in there will make people to treat and think more seriously for the topics under discussion and come up with some more efficient solutions.

Before class next week, please post 2-3 photos of your final project in-progress (material samples, constructions etc.)along with a draft of either your systems map or your resiliency/repair story.

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