Intro to Fashion Studies – Learning Portfolio Post #3

In the last week of my dress practice log appeared three kinds of dressing theme, they are formal style, street style, and minimalist style. These three styles are my most common dressing theme in everyday life. Most of the clothes in my closet are belong to these three themes. Although I have some extra styles of clothes, I always mix and match these additional styles of clothes with these three main dressing themes. At the same time, through this dress practice, I fund some details of my clothes that I had not seen before. Although my clothes collection’s color is not monotonous, my clothes are not just stereotyped black and white, but all my colorful garments do not have vivid visual effects. I found out that my colorful garments all have low purity colors, their colors mix with light gray. These low purity colors help to create a very high level of feeling for my outfit. Also, through this dress practice, I found out that the body is the foundation that helps us to build social attributes and full of possibilities, at the same time, clothing helps us define the body’s properties. For example, People’s physical status and body language can help us define what types of jobs they can do, but a formal suit can make us define exactly they may engage in a high-paying job. So, in a sense, clothing helps us to establish some influence, it makes people or ourselves more aware our status. Dress practice makes me realize that when I wear different styles of clothes, the effects of my body also change. Also, this practice makes me understand the body helps us to establish social connections, and clothes help the body increase its influence.

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